EP 02 – Martin Ronfort and Michael Waitze – eCommerce Is Not Solved Yet

May 8, 2021

Martin Ronfort, the founder of DrTech, and Michael Waitze, the founder of Michael Waitze Media discussed how eCommerce is not solved yet. We wanted to understand why online marketplaces still dominated what type of innovations we wanted to see.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • What other customer-facing, technology-based innovations have there been?
  • Boston Dynamics and similar companies’ warehouse automation
  • Stretch and Handle
  • Online shopping remains very lonely, there is no bonafide social aspect to it
  • Why is there no telepresent shopping (4’30” into the conversation)
  • I referenced a French leather maker called Goyard
  • How boutiques online and offline are better than marketplaces for product discovery
  • Digital-twin shopping and how it might impact travel
  • Brands can differentiate their shopping experiences offline (Nike Shop) but in an online marketplace this differentiation is nearly impossible
  • Vente Prive is an online marketplace that sells products through private flash sales. (VeePee)
  • So many other innovative ideas!

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