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How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Sales in Europe – EP 53 – Anton Hermann – Co-Founder of SPACEGOATS

eCommerce UnderCover really enjoyed its conversation with Anton Hermann, a Co-Founder of SPACEGOATS. SPACEGOATS is a German software company enabling Amazon sellers to easily manage, automate, and internationalize their businesses—without the headaches and bureaucratic hurdles.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • The gaps in Amazon’s processes that encouraged the start of SPACEGOATS
  • How selling across pan-Europe is a challenge and how SPACEGOATS can help
  • The effect Brexit had on ecommerce sellers in Europe
  • What’s on the roadmap for SPACEGOATS?

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EP 51 – How You Should Do Product Validation Before You Launch – Narek Vardanyan – Co-Founder and CEO of

EP 51 – How You Should Do Product Validation Before You Launch – Narek Vardanyan – Co-Founder and CEO of

eCommerce UnderCover really enjoyed its conversation with Narek Vardanyan, a Co-Founder and CEO of is an AI-based product validation platform that helps companies discover early if their product concepts have potential. It validates product ideas, finds the best price, and gets vital insights directly from customers. It has the highest accuracy among all available methods by employing behavioural data and actual purchase intent.


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The Crew

We believe that eCommerce has not been solved yet.  However, this is not just our opinion.  On the Dr Tech platform and from the recorded conversations on Michael Waitze Media, we meet the growing group of innovators that are pushing the boundaries of eCommerce daily. 

These are the stories we want to share with you.


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