EP 07 – Are eCommerce Marketplaces Poised To Die? – Martin Ronfort and Michael Waitze

Jun 19, 2021

Martin Ronfort, the founder of DrTech, and Michael Waitze, the founder of Michael Waitze Media switched it up this week and moved the studio to a new location to talk about the viability of eCommerce marketplaces.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Is buying growth the right idea?
  • Is Etsy buying Depop a sign of strength or weakness (Hint: We thought it was a sign of weakness.)
  • Is Etsy even really about crafts anymore?
  • Are boutiques and bespoke brands the future of eCommerce?
  • Are marketplaces and their aggregated traffic really worth it?
  • Is there too much noise and not enough signals?
  • Will Volkswagen dilute Porsche’s brand identity and what does that have to do with eCommerce marketplaces?
  • General Motors and the tunnel underneath Tokyo Bay
  • If YOU had $1.62 BN in cash would you spend it all on Depop?

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