EP 09 – I Feel Like I’m the Only One that Knows the Secret – David Jou

Jun 28, 2021

Martin Ronfort, the founder of DrTech, and Michael Waitze, the founder of Michael Waitze Media were joined by David Jou, a co-founder and the CEO of Pomelo Fashion, an eCommerce pioneer in Southeast Asia and a former co-founder of Lazada.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • The impact of COVID on Fashion eCommerce
  • Data Science and the use of data in eCommerce
  • Omni-channel selling and how happy Pomelo customers were when the physical stores were opened
  • Physical stores create brand awareness, add to bottom-line growth, and a place where clients can try things on
  • Building internal products and the birth of Prism, enabling digital commerce for fashion brand builders
  • Tap, Try, Buy
  • How some of the things you think you know for sure may not be correct

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