EP 14 – It’s all About Choices – Radha Mesova – eCommerce Entrepreneur

Aug 4, 2021

Martin Ronfort, the founder of DrTech, and Michael Waitze, the founder of Michael Waitze Media were joined by Radha Mesova, an actor, singer and eCommerce entrepreneur. Radha has had an incredible journey into entrepreneurship.

This is not your normal entrepreneur story about a well-off kid dropping out of Harvard, pretending to eat ramen noodles, and moving to California as a silicon valley darling. Radha was born in Ingushetia (Yes.You have never heard of it…), moved to Germany with her family, and then settled in Canada as a 12-year-old. You should listen to her story..

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Overcoming an abusive childhood and homelessness
  • Studying entrepreneurship at University
  • Selected from her university class to participate in an entrepreneurship program in Germany just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Her first foray into eCommerce and dropshipping and the source for her first product idea
  • Radha’s extremely insightful views on using Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, and other platforms for marketing and customer acquisition
  • Why building killer product pages is so important
  • Why she publishes so often on YouTube and what she hopes to achieve via her channel
  • How eCommerce was her onramp to entrepreneurship and enables Radha to pursue her other passions as well

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