EP 24 – Easier and Simpler DropShipping – Jean-Baptiste Carpentier – Business Development Director at DSers

Oct 25, 2021

We simply had to have someone from DSers on the show and we could think of nobody better than Jean-Baptiste Carpentier. Jean-Baptiste is the Business Development Director for DSers and is insanely knowledgeable about dropshipping. If you are not a dropshipper, chances are you have not heard of DSers. If you ARE dropshipping and you have not heard of DSers, it is on you.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • The current state of eCommerce globally
  • Dropshipping’s place in the eCommerce landscape
  • Some of the tools necessary for eCommerce sellers to be successful
  • The level of competition in the eCommerce space and what separates the good from the great
  • Optimized product sourcing and why this matters
  • Finding the best and most reliable suppliers
  • Why branding matters
  • The keys to online store management and why so many sellers fail

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