EP 26 – Amy Read – co-Founder and CEO at Techsembly – We Had To Build It Ourselves

Nov 14, 2021

Amy Read is the real deal. She is the co-Founder and CEO of Techsembly, an eCommerce SaaS solution and trusted partner for hotels looking to create new revenue streams and optimise operations through our marketplace and hotel management platform. Techsembly enables teams to manage multiple online stores, products, and logistics on one platform.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Joining the graduate program at British Telecom straight out of university
  • Building things from scratch inside of a big company
  • Encountering success early and being told she may be rising too quickly
  • The impact of losing out to a fellow employee for a promotion
  • Moving into a great team with a failing business and turning it into a massive success
  • The genesis of Gifts Less Ordinary
  • How building GLO led to Techsembly and why
  • Localization is non-trivial
  • Creating brand new revenue streams for the hospitality business

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