EP 28 – TJ Hyland, Elevate Brands – What If We Want To Buy These Businesses?

Dec 20, 2021

eCommerce UnderCover was excited to have TJ Hyland, Director of Global Partnerships at Elevate Brands, join us on the show. With all of the news coverage about the investment into Amazon aggregators, we have started to reach out to these teams to dig deeper into the business models and the strategies they are employing. TJ was kind enough to oblige.
  • Elevate Brands was founded in 2017…so it is not copycatting like some of the newer participants in this space.
  • What did James, Jeremy and Ryan (the co-Founders) know or see back in 2017 that the rest fo the market was missing?
  • What is the technology angle and how is the M&A process automated ?
  • Business founders generally want to run their own businesses…what incentives are in place to ensure that the founders of the brands that are purchased stay around to operate them or is this not a concern?
  • What actually happens after a brand is acquired…what is the process and what is the experience like for the brand seller?
  • Was international always in the business plan or is this a new strategy?
  • As new competitors keeps coming into the rollup market, will the prices of the brands that everybody wants to buy just get too high? Is the arbitrage disappearing?
  • What can we expect from Elevate as the market matures?

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