EP 29 – Philip Johnston, a co-Founder and the co-CEO of Opontia – A Digital House of Brands

Dec 26, 2021

Martin and Michael were thrilled to have Philip Johnston, a co-Founder and the co-CEO of Opontia on eCommerce UnderCover. With eCommerce aggregators all the rage, we wanted to learn more from the only team doing this in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Opontia’s recent capital raise
  • Marketplaces versus individual online shops
  • How Opontia leverages technology
  • How the team evaluates the companies it wants to acquire
  • The math applied to potential acquired companies
  • Does Opontia care if the original entrepreneurs stay on and how their opinion has evolved
  • What incentives are in place to encourage the founders to remain after acquisition
  • Post-acquisition process for integrating acquired brands
  • Are there concerns about rising prices of acquisition targets?
  • Would Opontia consider building its own online marketplace?
  • Powered by Opontia?

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