EP 31 – Leonard Cheong – Founder, CEO, and Designer at Finix Wear – Freedom

Feb 20, 2022

eCommerce UnderCover welcomed Leonard Cheong, the Founder, Designer and CEO of Finix Wear. Finix (https://finixwear.com/) is an inclusive unisex athleisure label designed in Singapore with a unique genderless edge.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Starting Finix a the height of the COVID pandemic and the challenges of building the entire value chain remotely from the start
  • The birth of Finix out ofd a personal pain point
  • The lack of diversity in the looks and representation of the fashion fitness market
  • There is a Men’s Department and a Women’s department and nothing in between
  • The challenge of funding the right factory for production
  • Starting with smaller product runs and growing with the brand
  • The recent launch of Finix’s “Freedom” line
  • The importance of featuring models and talents from different social and ethnic backgrounds
  • Creating an inclusive fashion-fitness label that speaks to a rising generation of diverse individuals and lifestyles

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