EP 32 – Matthias Reinholz – Founder and CEO of Qreuz – Cookies Are Not the Enemy

Mar 6, 2022

eCommerce UnderCover was joined by Matthias Reinholz, the CEO and Founder of Qreuz. Qreuz is a privacy-first tracking method for online marketers that provides clean and rich data that respects the privacy of customers.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Switching to ethical server-side tracking and leaving cookies and pixels behind
  • Online customer privacy
  • Is Google Analytics getting banned from some European countries?
  • Only collecting the data needed to understand business performance
  • The importance of leaving customer data where it belongs…with the customers
  • Eliminating the necessity of third-party tracking services
  • Building on open source software
  • Marketing attribution and cohort aggregation

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