EP 44 – Are They Really Building Warehouse Automation Robots in Poland? Kacper Nowicki – Co-founder, NoMagic

Sep 16, 2022

eCommerce UnderCover really enjoyed its conversation with Kacper Nowicki, a co-Founder and the CEO of Nomagic. Nomagic provides services based on Intelligent Robotics to e-commerce and retail leaders wishing to get one step closer to full automation.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Kacper’s fascinating career arc
  • Why should we automate eCommerce fulfillment?
  • What is so hard about picking and packing?
  • What is the role of AI in building smart robots?
  • Aren’t all smart robotics companies in San Francisco or Boston?
  • Engineering, operations, AI, and building custom hardware

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