EP 38 – How to Make My Mum Understand NFTS ? – Ana Jipa – CEO at Olyn

May 19, 2022

At least we made Ana Jipa laugh as the conversation began. Ana is a co-Founder and the CEO of Olyn. Olyn is a universal asset registry service, built on the blockchain.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Being born in Romania but growing up in Spain and Germany
  • How traveling really helps one understand the world at scale
  • Studied aeronautical engineering
  • Not having a linear career
  • Interning at a VC in Silicon Valley
  • Drawn quickly to entrepreneurship in the Health Care space in Romania
  • Coming back to Spain and joining a startup there (APIs)
  • How companies treat data as a product
  • Learning about eCommerce from a fashion company
  • Focused on technology is changing people’s lives
  • Olyn’s (All In Ownership) genesis
  • Identity linked to payments
  • Allowing third parties to build services via the wallet

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