EP 41 – What Is It Like Being In a Hyper-Growth and Hyper-Sales Environment? – Emilio Di Marco

Jul 15, 2022

eCommerce UnderCover had Emilio Di Marco join us on the show from Miami, Florida - the capital of Latin America. Emilio is the CEO and Founder of Aument, which he describes as a SaaS platform that easily helps small eCommerce brands get new sales quickly.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Miami’s tech boom
  • How Aument helps small eCommerce businesses increase sale
  • Augmentation, Automation, and Segmentation
  • The inefficiencies and irrelevance of direct marketing for small brands
  • Giving small brands the same leverage that big brands have to increase sales
  • Branding and performance marketing as the core competency of the Aument team
  • Working with clients to build the most useful tools
  • The issues around eMail as a marketing tool and the predominance of spam

Learn more about Aument : https://aument.io/

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