EP 06 – Social Commerce: Connecting Brands & Customers.

Jun 6, 2021

Martin Ronfort, the founder of DrTech, and Michael Waitze, the founder of Michael Waitze Media continued a discussion on Social Commerce.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Social Commerce is not the same as eCommerce
  • Social Commerce is not new…Facebook and Instagram (and others) tried this years ago
  • We decided pretty early in the conversation that people do not go to Facebook or Instagram to shop
  • Brands that tried this may have been damaged by trying to sell without friction on Facebook
  • Sellers DO use Facebook and Instagram but simply to drive buyers to their websites
  • Do we have offline equivalents to the bad experience of trying to shop on Facebook
  • Sellers know that if they sell exclusively on Facebook, they have no access to their underlying sales data, and brand building is almost impossible
  • Where do chatbots fit into eCommerce sites

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