EP 30 – Valentin Radu – Founder and CEO of OmniConvert – I Could Not Afford To Buy a Pretzel

Jan 2, 2022

eCommerce UnderCover was joined by Valentin Radu, the Founder, and CEO of OmniConvert. Omniconvert is a growth enabler for mid-size DTC eCommerce & retail companies looking to increase customer lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Growing up poor under communism in Bucharest, Romania
  • Why his father was against entrepreneurship
  • Built a company that sold car insurance online
  • CLC vs CAC, the North Star for eCommerce Businesses
  • Understanding the eCommerce growth formula
  • The (changing) mentality of an eCommerce entrepreneur
  • Marketplaces vs stand-alone eCommerce shops
  • Amazon consolidators
  • Do they really know more than the rest of us about how to scale these businesses?

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